Wake-up call


This life is what we make of it.  Absolutely.  What have I made of it so far?  Am I satisfied with my handy-work up to this moment? Does my life support who I see myself to be?  Am I acting as if I deserve to be on the other side of my manifested dreams, goals, and desires? We are multi-dimensional beings, always in flux, always changing and growing.  The question to ask ourselves may be: What direction am I growing in?

It seems that I take better care of all levels of “me” when I am reminding others to do the same for themselves.  By teaching others, we teach ourselves.  Each year, for the past 3 years, I have drawn 12 Oracle cards in the new January.  Each month has a card to represent it, giving me something to keep in mind during that month, look ahead to for a coming month, and look behind to help put past months into perspective.  It’s been a big learning tool for me, and offers me support in times of doubt within myself.  This January, my card was “Wake-up call”.  How true that card is for me this new year.  I woke up January 1st with a migraine that didn’t lift until 3 days later.  The weather shifted, the cold drifted in, and my body seemed to demand that I sit still for a change.  Every muscle in my body seemed to say “ouch”.  Over the past few months, I’ve been trading weekly massages with another Massage Therapist.  Due to the holiday bustle, our weekly sessions got postponed for 2 weeks and our bodies had to wait for the TLC.  I think that was the last straw.  My physical body decided that it wasn’t being cared for enough and shut down for a bit to recharge my batteries.  Here I am, more than halfway through the month, and my body still isn’t quite where I’d like it to be, energy wise.

One of my goals for this year is to get better at leaving space in my schedule for mySELF.  It never fails, as soon as I commit to saving a chunk of time for myself, I’ll be asked to do something for someone.  When I can, I try to say “yes” as often as possible.  It sends a message to the Universe that yes, I am open to the new.  However, I’m learning that sometimes I have to say “no” to others so I can say “yes” to mySELF.  Thursdays have become my day for me.  I use this day to catch up on the things which keep me on track (ie: building my website, blogging, marketing, setting goals, dreaming, journaling, creating, catching up with friends, or just relaxing!)  Even this week, I had 3 people ask me to do something with them this Thursday, but my website still awaits my TLC…I still have to remind myself weekly that it’s ok to have a day, but I’m getting better at it 🙂

Something I’m realizing as I go along is that if I don’t make time to pave the way to my future, nobody else will do it for me…


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