There’s so much more than what we see


My client paid me a very nice compliment the other day, just as I laid my hands on her to begin her massage. “I’ve been getting massages for years, all over the world and you are without a doubt, the best I’ve ever had… your hands are magic”. I thanked her, but also reminded her that i can only do what I do when others let down their walls enough to receive what it is I have to give. For those clients who remember to take care of themselves more often, to stretch, to relax, to get regular bodywork and to silence their minds on occasion, so they can feel how they feel…. they make it so much easier for me to make a difference. For those who take time in little ways to heal themselves instead of whining “help me”, when they don’t do much to help themselves…. that’s where the real magic can happen. My clients have taught me so much over the years. They’ve reminded me to slow down and pace myself, that it’s not only up to me to “fix” or “help”. They have taught me that it’s ok for me to limit the amount of work i do for others…and to remember to take care of me. They have taught me the importance of getting regular massages for myself, because it’s more than just a physical “feel good ” kinda thing…it’s about survival. And on those days, when it feels like i’m not capable of “showing up” to help…I am shown that with intention to help, nothing can stand in the way. Somehow, on the days when I’ve struggled with something like a horrible migraine, mind-numbing cramps, grieving the loss of a loved one, heart-ache, depression, anxiety, back or neck issues, hands that throb and ache after doing this work for this many years, or tears that won’t stop falling…when i take the time to breathe and be present with someone who is ready to let go of their own pains, I am able to let go of some of mine, too. I’ve often said that massage has been my saving grace, more times than I can count. It’s the thing that’s always stuck with me, no matter where I’ve moved or where I’ve chosen to work…this craft continues to show me that there’s so more to me than what I can see. I’m so thankful for this path

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