Went to dive into the healing waters of the gulf today after my massage day. I love doing this as a way to clear the energy of others i might be influenced by on a daily basis. Floating in bliss, I felt the support and love of all which surrounds us in loving protection and care…picturing my cup overflowing, i imagined i could hold the whole of existence in my awareness, sending all of that love and good stuff out to all that is. peace…. Then, as i lay out on my dry tapestry, soaking up the sun, I overheard a conversation between two kids. The elder one, perhaps the big sister, kept calling out to the little one, saying “Come on, Francis” in a mocking tone. The little one kept begging, “stop calling me Francis!” The bigger one could tell that it bothered her little friend, and so she needled her further “Well, that’s your name, isn’t it?! Do you want me to call you something that you aren’t? Come on, Francis….Francis”, she teased. Eventually they found their way somewhere else, but i was left with this little interaction to ponder.
We all know that moment when we feel that our presence, words, or actions are causing someone else to feel discomfort. Generally, this would be the moment when we’d back off our energy and check ourselves. What’s with the tendency in some to revel in the discomfort they cause others, feeding their Ego while they watch another squirm and suffer?! I’ve met quite a few people over the years who seem to make it their personal mission to bring others down. For those who walk a path of self-discovery, some might say that we should see these needlers as gifts, for bringing to the surface, something which needed releasing…some emotion which was being triggered which was holding us back in some way from being our authentic selves. Or perhaps the gift of having to interact with those who make it challenging to be in their presence is showing us when we should stand up against those who try to bully or belittle us. But I wonder, is it truly our responsibility to call others on their sh!t? I believe that we all know when we are being difficult, stubborn, or just plain cruel. Is it really that we are illuminated by these individuals who push and poke and prod and rock our boats enough to make us grow and release those limiting beliefs? Or perhaps, as the ones who are needled, we are there to illuminate their ugly, their cruel, their vindictive natures so that they can own it and start to work on letting go of all of that toxic energy. I’m finding that sometimes, the best way to stand up to someone who is determined to annoy us rather than peacefully co-exist…is to avoid them completely. I think sometimes people become addicted to a response because it tells them that they are successful in raining on another’s parade. Maybe then, with no audience, it stops being fun to bother someone else, and these people who try so hard to influence others negatively are left to deal with their own stuff…and hopefully transform it into something which helps uplift the world around them.

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