Doin’ the work

This article really resonated with me. This part in particular: “What I’ve been noticing is how a lot of self-titled spiritual healers are using ascension as an excuse to not do any heavy lifting in life. These Lightworkers may talk about crystalline grids and reprogramming their energy fields—but at the first sign of heavy energy or darkness they run. Back to their world of sparkles, pretty crystals, and ETs doing all the work from the other side. Meanwhile, ignoring earthly trauma, pain, and depression right in front of them”….
we are here, now at least, as humans. It seems sometimes that the more “conscious” we’ve become, “we are all one…”the less compassionate we are to those who are feeling their very real Emotions… and then told to “get over it” or worse, dismissed and made to feel less than, because “evolved beings” supposedly don’t feel rage, grief, disillusionment, fear, disappointment, jealousy…hurt. I’ve actually been told by some of those self proclaimed “evolved or chosen” humans that they’ve never felt certain emotions, like jealousy, or insecurity, for instance. Maybe that means they are “new souls”, cuz we don’t get to pick and choose which emotions come up when we are poked and prodded by the world around us. And if we were truly “chosen” to be more evolved or special in some way, would we need to claim that we were? The thing is, emotions are part of the wonder and often painful reasons to catapult ourselves into growth, change, evolving. Without owning and feeling it all, we are not Being fully present in this now. And WE gotta do the inner work, can’t just regurgitate the teachings or beliefs of others and expect to bypass or brush past the yucky stuff. Real growth takes real dedication. We are here to feel ALL of it, and hopefully make it ok for others to as well.

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