I woke up early today with an uneasy mind…throbbing head. I did my best to ice & stretch as my muscles scream out. Tension…Outside in stillness, I sit inside of myself and find my peace. The world is experiencing pain. People are hurling hate at one another. Killing, Cruelty, gossip, drama. It seems some feel their ability to push buttons and trigger others, and so they do. When i was younger, and i was being picked on by those who felt mighty in making me feel small… I remember my eldest sister telling me “Just ignore them, Sandra…act like it doesn’t bother you”. But it did. How is it ok? “Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.” Bullying in school is not tolerated, and yet in our adult lives, it’s all around. Pain often triggers us, reveals what we’ve been hiding…brings it to the surface to wash us clean and help us to purge what we are NOT. It’s easy to love others when they deserve it, but how do we react when others are provoking us and fueling the fire?? Is it even possible to ignore it and hope that “this too shall pass”? Is it safe to knock the weapons from the hands of others and hug it out? People speak of the light they carry and then when nobody is watching they act out and manipulate others, send out little stabs here and there, giving someone the Facebook finger. They do things IN SPITE of others to get a rise or a reaction. If we are ONE, then why are we hurting our only self?! Why, when the world is hurting and the earth is crying out, do we find it necessary to cause more harm and hurt?  May we all fall to our knees in humble acceptance of the connection we share to each and every thing in existence. Instead of finding fault in others, may we instead use this time to honor ourselves with our actions, words, and prayers. Help us to witness our pain so that we may heal it and help us to let go of it all, so we can finally accept the love we so desperately need <3 

It’s interesting when these memories pop up and remind me of the cycles which are ever present in our experience. I woke up today with a headache similar to this post a few years ago. Recent drama in the community and world yuckyness sometimes makes it feel like wouldn’t be easier to just give up? I give thanks to those button pushers who seem to make it their goal to poison the lives of others or at least rock their boats. That familiar quote about “they know not what they do” comes to mind . And yet often times these individuals DO know what they do and they do it on purpose. In this moment, I give thanks for these challenging individuals who make me realize each time I rise above and choose to look over here instead of over there, that while we are all pieces of the same one, we are meant to evolve beyond certain behaviors. It is a beautiful gift to realize and stand firm in the truth That we are allowed to be discerning in who we keep in our inner circle. As for me, I’m thankful for those people who show up consistently as friends and help me to remember that I don’t have to lower my vibration for anyone .

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