Just Keep Swimming…

Just keep swimming…. Tired but wired. Constant “get shit done” mode. Left home today (Hurricane Irma) and left part of my family to find their idea of safety. letting go of the illusion of control, and of any sense of time. Was that really this morning?! It feels like days ago. Rushing around, prepping things I didn’t know if I’d ever see again. Helping to close up the house. Abandon it and pray for the best.Taking certain things, picking and choosing, Leaving behind Memories of my father, my grandmothers, friends, cousins, who i will never get to see again. Because there wasnt room. Letting go of the attachments and reminding myself things like “dad is not this mug, Sandra. It’s ok to let go,” for those friends who stayed. You will never be the same. For those of us who left, neither will you. Everything is a direct hit, a cosmic lesson with a cosmic purpose. May we all remember to decide what we deserve and demand it, announce it with dignity and passion. All of my love goes out to those folks who’ve become part of my family through my adventures in Florida. To all of my family, i love you 💚 Whatever will be will be…may our home be safe and protected and may we all be reborn anew into our most fearless selves 💚

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