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Being Love



My cat, Udu jumped into my lap while I prepared to type this blog.  As he got into his rhythm of pawing my leg in his dance, I felt myself on “push” and loving him so much that I couldn’t allow his love to penetrate my experience.  I took a breath and felt my heart and throat chakras expand as more space was made.  Then his love revealed itself to me. I felt myself melt into the blissful gratitude that this beautiful creature, who I see as a wild tiger, becomes a baby in my presence and wants me to love him… and “thank you” was all I could feel.

As a little girl, falling asleep at night, I would say my prayers, as many others have done for as long as we know.  In my experience, it became too overwhelming… and limited at the same time, to list all who I cared for and pray for only those whose names I uttered, or faces I pictured. What about all of the individuals I didn’t know?  Who was praying for them? “Did I forget to bless anyone?”,  I would worry.

Because my humanness sneaks in sometimes and tells me I’m less than what I am…Reiki, prayer, intention, blessings, whatever you would like to call it… has become my stability in an unstable experience. I learned how to be humble and pray…As little me, kneeling with my father and witnessing his stable belief that these words were heard…With my mother, as tears streamed down her face while her words poured from her heart.  As they gave thanks for what came to support them in their quest to be a blessing to others.  I guess in a sense, my Dad and Mom were my first teachers of Reiki…how beautiful.

As I pass on my understanding of Reiki to my students, I am returned to that “space of grace” which welcomes me home each and every time.  I am reminded that I am eternally, that little girl, who witnessed someone else have faith and tap into the unseen flow.  I have to remember her, for if I think of how I could ever offer anything of value… something original to only me, I limit myself as soon as I search for a picture. But if everything I give is a blessing, then I am limit-less…and so are you…

Deciding to receive my Reiki III attunement, as I was taught, meant that as the student, I was now stepping into the role of a teacher.  Reiki has delivered me to so many beautiful discoveries. For me, Reiki is prayer in many forms.

After my kitty love today, I went into our family room and placed my hands on his drum.  I’m learning how to differentiate between the sounds through the placement of my hands on the drum.  How freeing to create a sound with your own hands which is pleasing to your own ears!
When I drum, just as when I massage, I give Reiki. I pretty much give it all the time, anymore.  Who am I to say who could benefit from my intention of love and healing? Who am I not to?  Someone once told me that after a time, you stop “doing” Reiki and “become” it. That feels right.

We currently reside directly across from a bus stop.  It’s beautiful to watch the flow of people that happens waiting for a bus, riding, or walking by.  As I stare out the window while my hands are guided by the flow, I pray for those people out there, who maybe I’ll never meet.  At least if we ever do, I already know you because you were someone
I prayed for once.  There’s usually a moment, or many, when worry sneaks in that I am in some way tarnishing the beautiful flow by playing something outside of that flow.
I have gotten very adept at noticing the moments when I don’t “feel good” about
something and then honoring a different outcome.  If I can imagine it…it exists once, and can always be mirrored again and again.  When I shift my focus on remembering that I am a blessing to others, the fear that I might be distracting from the perfection of this moment seems to melt away and my physical body falls into an effortless tranquil rhythm.

May this day bless you abundantly with Universal love and support!

~Sandra D.